“Sleep is meditation”, says the Dalai Lama but sometimes getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done. From the ‘hot sleeper’ to those that feel the chill at night and everything in between, a bed make over may just be what you need to rest a little easier. And that’s exactly how it started for our family.
Having a good night’s sleep is essential for health and productivity for our busy family. As a mother I wanted to find sheets that were warm in winter, yet cool and breathable in a hot Australian & New Zealand Summer. The sheets also had to be smooth for the kids’ sensitive skin, but not slippery like silk. I wanted to feel luxuriousness in the sheets with a resort style plushness plus it was imperative our products were ethically produced and made from organic and sustainable materials.
From there, and after much research and testing, Eastwind Textiles Bamboo sheet sets were born! After much success an extension of the range now includes bamboo quilt covers, bamboo blankets, throw rugs as our main bamboo linen product line.
The Eastwind Textiles team is committed to providing you with premium quality 100% organic bamboo bedding and bamboo bed sheets at a price that is accessible to all Australian & NZ families. And you can sleep well knowing you are resting on environmentally friendly sheets free of harmful toxins and chemicals.
Finally, our belief is that we all deserve a good night’s sleep so make your bed your haven with Eastwind Textiles luxury bamboo bed sheets.
In health & happiness,
Josephine Kinsella, Founder/Director
Eastwind Textiles