Eastwind Textiles

Organic Bamboo Blankets

Colour: Ivory
100% Organic Bamboo
Antibacterial & hypoallergenic
super soft & breathable

Experience Unrivaled Comfort with Eastwind Bamboo Blankets

Indulge in the perfect balance of warmth and lightweight coziness this winter with Eastwind Bamboo Blankets. Our premium 100% organic bamboo blankets are crafted to provide unparalleled comfort for your skin. Discover a new level of luxury that is soft, breathable, and thermo-regulating, ensuring a delightful sleep experience throughout the year.

Stay snug and comfortable this through the seasons offering the perfect blend of warmth and lightweight coziness. Experience a new level of comfort that's soft, breathable, and thermo-regulating, ensuring an unparalleled sleep experience year-round perfect for those with allergies and skin conditions. 

Key Features of Our Bamboo Blankets:

  • Luxuriously warm blankets ultra-lightweight
  • Crafted from 100% organic bamboo material
  • Unbelievably soft and smooth to the touch
  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, making them ideal for sensitive skin
  • Exceptionally breathable, absorbent, and thermo-regulating
  • Produce with no harmful substances
  • Manufactured through sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices
  • Perfect blankets for NDIS clients 

Versatile Sizing Options:
Our bamboo blankets are available in King, Queen, Double, and Pram sizes, offering a perfect fit for various bedding arrangements. For single beds, we recommend folding the Queen size for optimal coverage.

Year-Round Comfort:
Embrace the warmth during winter by using our bamboo blankets as a barrier layer between your sheets and quilt, locking in the cozy heat. During the summer months, bid farewell to bulky quilts and enjoy the breathable comfort of our bamboo blankets.

Make a Conscious Choice:
Eastwind Bamboo Blankets not only prioritize your comfort but also reflect our commitment to sustainability and ethical production. You can rest assured that these blankets are free from harmful substances.

Elevate your sleep experience with Eastwind Bamboo Blankets. Whether it's winter or summer, our blankets are your ticket to exceptional comfort. Choose luxury, choose sustainability—choose Eastwind Bamboo. 


Fitted Sheet

Flat Sheet


Quilt Covers




79.92 x 72.05 x 16.93 inches



112.2x106.3 inches

73x48x16 cm

28.74x18.9x 6.3 inches

245 x 210 cm

96.46 x 82.68  inches



79.92 x 59.84 x 16.93 inches



100.39x106.3 inches

73x48x16 cm

28.74x18.9x 6.3 inches


82.68x82.68 inches


193 x137x 43cm

75.98 x 53.94 x 16.93 inches

260 x 240 cm

102.36 x 94.49 inches

73x48x16 cm

28.74x18.9x 6.3 inches

King Single


79.92 x 42.13 x 16.93 inches

270 x 210 cm

06.3 x 82.68 inches

73x48x16 cm

28.74x18.9x 6.3 inches



193x91x40 cm

75.98 x 35.83 x 15.75 inches


55.12 x 62.99 inches

73x48x16 cm

28.74x18.9x 6.3 inches



135x77x20 cm

53.15 x 30.31 x 7.87 inches


55.12 x 62.99inches

73x48x16 cm

28.74x18.9x 6.3 inches



Coverlets & Bedspreads 

Generous King size measurements 250x200cm (King size similar measurements)

Queen size measurements 220x200cm

King Single 160x210

Throw rugs 

127x183cm. =50 x 72.05 inches


Double 168x229cm =66.14x90.16 inches

Queen 229x229 cm=90.16 x 90.16 inches

King 274x229 cm=107.87 x 90.16 inches

Please note that colours may vary slightly from the photos and differ between batches.

    How do I wash my sheets?
    A mild, liquid detergent works best in cold water. Fabric softener or bleach should never be used as they may ruin the fabric. They are already soft and will stay that way after washing. Do not worry if when wet your sheets feel stiff and heavy, that is normal. When dry they instantly become light and airy again.
     How should I dry my sheets?
    If possible, line dry your sheets by draping them flat on the line, preferably in the shade to preserve fibres, colours, and texture. Your sheets will also straighten out when you line dry them removing all the wrinkles.  You can certainly use a dryer, but please be careful to choose a low heat or airing setting and a low tumble cycle. As soon as the dryer finishes, remove your sheets from the dryer immediately to keep them wrinkle free.
     Do I need to iron my sheets?
    Bamboo fabric drapes very well so it’s possible after washing and drying as per the above instructions that they will be wrinkle free.  Wrinkles from folding gradually go away in a few uses. Lay the sheets flat on your bed after washing and drying, by the time you hit the bed at night, they will be flat and fresh, ready to give you the good night’s sleep you deserve. If you are after a crispier look, you can iron them, just make sure the temperature is on the lowest possible to prevent burning or sticking.
     Do Bamboo Sheets Pill?
    All sheets sold by Eastwind Textiles are pre-shrunk 100% organic bamboo 400 TC sateen weave, which is the least susceptible to pilling in response to friction which shouldn’t be viewed as a fault or defect. If pilling occurs it can be reduced and or removed during the washing and drying process (as per the care instructions). The pilling is usually totally gone in the first 5 washes in the unlikely event that pilling occurs.

    Our blankets and throws can be machine washed in a cold and gentle wash cycle and then line dried flat in the shade. Many customers choose to dry clean the bamboo blankets and throws in order to preserve the soft and smooth texture of the bamboo fibres. We recommend dry cleaning for the longevity of the product, especially for the bamboo throw tassles.


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