All of our luxurious 100% Organic Bamboo bedlinen is created to offer you the following benefits: 
 Super Soft, Yet Strong & Durable
Arguably the softest fabric available, our bamboo sheets are woven using the closed-loop process (sateen weave) making them ultra-smooth to touch, with no friction from uneven fabric. Sateen sheets have a reputation for luxury because of their silky feel, beautiful drape, and subtle lustre. But don’t let the plushness of bamboo fool you, this fabric is three times stronger than cotton and will last so very much longer. The sateen weave, being one yarn over to three yarn under, is super strong and is less likely to pill than the twill weave.
Antibacterial & Hypo-Allergenic
Bamboo fabric naturally repels dust mites, mould and mildew making the bedding ideal for those with allergies, asthma, sensitive skin or just for your peace of mind! Bamboo also is 30% less likely to retain odours in comparison to cotton.
Breathable & Thermo-Regulating
Our bamboo bedding is so very smart! The weave is designed to allow airflow through the millions of tiny gaps between each loop making them feel ultra-light. 
The thermo-regulating properties will help you stay nice and cool in summer while keeping you warm and cozy in winter. Bamboo fabric is highly absorbent and naturally wicks moisture away from the skin keeping you comfortable through the night. 
Certified Standard 100 by Oeko Tex ®
Sleep comfortably knowing that our bamboo bedding is 100% Oeko Tex Certified. This reassures you that our sheets are completely free from harmful chemicals and substances that can be used in the manufacturing process. Further, it certifies that our manufacturer uses environmentally friendly and socially responsible conditions during the production of our luxury products.
Sustainable & Eco-Friendly
Bamboo is the fast-growing plant on the planet, it requires little to no irrigation and once harvested it regenerates quickly. No harmful chemicals are used in the growing process due to its natural antibacterial properties and crops of bamboo are great for the environment too as they produce more oxygen than trees and are highly sustainable.