How to Keep Cool in Bed on Balmy Nights

We all want a good night’s sleep. To wake up refreshed and ready for all that the day has in store.

One of the biggest barriers to a great sleep is fluctuation in body temperatures. Especially if you’re too hot. Falling into a deep sleep is much easier to achieve if your body temperature is kept cooler. So how can we attain a great night’s sleep on a hot summer’s night?

If you’re a naturally warm sleeper, you’ll be pleased to know there are things you can do to turn the heat down and get that good sleep you deserve. 

Choose Bamboo Sheets

The best option for a cooler night’s sleep is organic bamboo sheets. Our 100% organic bamboo sheets allow air to circulate and regulate body temperature, especially compared to cotton sheets. 

The temperature regulating ability of our bamboo sheets helps to keep skin happy and balanced, which can lead to a better-quality sleep. Keeping you cool in the warm temperatures and warm in cold temperatures, making them perfect for any climate. 

How does bamboo regulate body temperature? 

Bamboo is a natural fibre that is breathable throughout the night. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, 

What is Moisture-wicking?

Moisture-wicking means that moisture produced by the skin, such as sweat, is pulled away from the skin so that it can evaporate. Some materials, such as cotton, just absorb moisture and keep it there. In this case the fabric pulls sweat away from your body, but it traps the sweat there on your pillowcases and bed sheets. Not ideal for keeping cool, and not very hygienic!

Bamboo sheets have moisture-wicking qualities designed to keep you cool in warmer months and help say goodbye to night sweats. The unique fibres absorb the sweat from your skin and release it onto the surface of the fabric so that it can evaporate. Moisture is drawn away from your skin to keep you cool and comfortable, and it is also allowed to evaporate so that your sheets stay dry. This is excellent news for sweaty sleepers, and it prevents the growth of bacteria on the bed. 

What else can you do to ensure your body stays cool on those long balmy nights?

  • Cool down before bed by taking a cool shower or bath beforehand. 
  • Keep your bedroom cool and dark during the day by shutting blinds.
  • Keep a cup of iced water by your bed.
  • Avoid sunburn.
  • Sleep in the nude with our luxurious silky bamboo sheets next to your skin. Heavenly!  
  • Use fans or air conditioning to keep the air circulating in your bedroom.
  • Remove excess winter bedding like heavy doonas and quilts and try just sleeping with a bamboo sheet. If this isn’t quite offering you the desired feel, try adding a light 100% organic bamboo bed blanket on top of your flat sheet.  

Eastwind Textiles 100% organic bamboo sheets are the best sheets to keep you cool throughout the evening. Explore our range of bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, bamboo throws and rugs.