Like most things in life, bamboo sheets can vary greatly. Not all manufacturers produce the same quality of bamboo sheets.

You may already know of lyocell, rayon, or modal fabrics. Did you know that they are all derived from bamboo fibres? When shopping for bamboo products it’s good to keep in mind that some bamboo fabrics offer more benefits than others. For instance, fabrics such as lyocell are prone to chronic pilling and are not very durable. When looking for the softest and most durable available bamboo sheets, it’s bamboo viscose that always comes out in front. At Eastwind Textiles we make sure that all our sheets are made from 100% bamboo viscose using strict effluent treatment protocols.

Our sheets are 100% Organic Bamboo. They have a 400-thread count, so they are ridiculously soft and luxurious to allow for a comfortable sleep. Yet there are even more reasons that will help you rest easy in our bamboo sheets. They are grown with respect and care for the planet and pandas. And not to mention, they are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning they are free from toxins and harmful chemicals. 


The bamboo we use is grown in accordance with the international organic standard of OCIA/IFOAM and the USDA National Organic Program. This ensures that each bamboo stalk is of natural growth with no pesticides. We are proud to provide our customers with 100% Organic Bamboo fibres that are not blended with other fabrics. We even had our bed sheets and towels independently tested by the CSIRO to confirm that they are made of 100% Organic Bamboo. 


Our bamboo is panda friendly! There are 42 species of bamboo, and we make sure to only source the bamboo that pandas do not eat. 


Bamboo is a fast-growing, sustainable water and energy efficient crop with average yields that are 3-6 times greater than cotton and other linen materials. If you are looking to make good choices that support the health of the planet, then 100% Organic Bamboo is a great option. Bamboo is an excellent plant to farm because it’s quickly replenished and requires no pesticides to grow. In other words, it grows like crazy. 


Curious to know what this fancy title stands for? Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate means that the use of chemicals in the production of our products is below the internationally accepted standards. All of our linen is Oeko-Tex 100 standard, so you can sleep easy knowing that our products are certified free of harmful chemicals. 


Making sure you get a great night’s sleep is very important to us. That’s why we’ve chosen to produce a 400 thread count as it is the softest, smoothest and airiest available. You will feel like you are sleeping in the clouds with our bamboo sheets each night! This standard of sheet is equivalent to 1000+ thread count Egyptian cotton, but delivers all the benefits of bamboo to you! 

Eastwind Textiles luxurious bamboo bed sheets are a better option for the environment and you! Experience the full benefit of a great night’s sleep with our 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets.